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Building your savings one step at a time

Building capital

Giving your money a chance to grow and your dreams a chance to flourish.

Maximum flexibility

Choose your own saving speed and build your savings in a way that meets your needs either through regular savings or one-off investments.

Attractive outlook

Profit from the benefits offered by international capital markets for successfully and gradually building your capital.

Individual solutions

Choose the perfect fund to suit your personal investment approach.

Take your pick

Choose from a wide range of interesting investment options and funds to suit your personal goals and investment approach. Our advisers are always happy to help and discuss the various investment options on offer to identify which meet your needs best.


An easy way to success

Tailored to your specific needs

Take your pick from a wide range of funds to suit your personal investment goals and risk propensity. Including funds with special security features.

Positive outlook

Benefit from attractive investment options from all over the world and minimise your risk by taking advantage of the broad diversification of the funds' investments in single values from various asset categories, currencies, countries and regions.

Great opportunities and risks

Important to know and take into account when investing in Investment Funds.

For more detailed information on investment funds, please refer to the prospectus, and for certificates to the  relevant security details. However, this information is not a substitute for professional advice from an adviser. The only binding basis for  investing in Deka Investment Funds are the relevant Key Investor  Information, the relevant sales prospectus' and the German-language reports available from your Sparkasse, Landesbank or DekaBank Deutsche Girozentrale, 60625 Frankfurt and at